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I've written the following in my custom folder, and I've run :PackerSync followed by :Copilot setup, but I get an error: E492: Not an editor command: Copilot setup.

Do I need to clone github/copilot somewhere or does Packer do it automatically? How do I configure it on NvChad?


local plugin_conf = require "custom.plugins.configs"

M.plugins = {
   user = userPlugins,
   override = {
      ["hrsh7th/nvim-cmp"] = plugin_conf.cmp,


return {
   ["github/copilot.vim"] = {
      config = function()
         vim.cmd [[
            let g:copilot_no_tab_map = v:true
   ["hrsh7th/cmp-copilot"] = {
      after = "nvim-cmp",

Sorry but I've never used Copilot so I can't really suggest a fix. However there seems to be a document with the installation instructions here. Did you follow those?

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Disclaimer: I've never used Copilot and NvChad before, but I wanted to give this issue a try and this is what worked for me.

  1. downloaded latest binary release of neovim (currently v0.7.2). The package from Debian does not seem to work with NvChad, as I get this error when starting up:

    vim/_init_packages.lua: cannot load incompatible bytecode
    E970: Failed to initialize builtin lua modules

  2. installed NvChad following their instructions:

    git clone ~/.config/nvim --depth 1

  3. installed copilot following their instructions:

    git clone ~/.config/nvim/pack/github/start/copilot.vim

and this just worked. Start nvim (the one downloaded from step 1.) and type:

:Copilot setup
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