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What am I doing wrong? I've tried to follow the steps in this stackoverflow answer:

❯ git clone
❯ git checkout -b mine
❯ git remote add disroot git://
❯ git remote -v
disroot git:// (fetch)
disroot git:// (push)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
❯ git branch mine --set-upstream-to=disroot/spacedrive
fatal: the requested upstream branch 'disroot/spacedrive' does not exist
hint: If you are planning on basing your work on an upstream
hint: branch that already exists at the remote, you may need to
hint: run "git fetch" to retrieve it.
hint: If you are planning to push out a new local branch that
hint: will track its remote counterpart, you may want to use
hint: "git push -u" to set the upstream config as you push.
hint: Disable this message with "git config advice.setUpstreamFailure false"
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  1. git:// doesn't seem to exist. The website only has a URL for

    git remote add disroot

  2. you need to download the refs

    git fetch disroot

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I want the remote branch to be called spacedrive but it calls it mine

git remote set-url disroot git fetch disroot git branch mine --set-upstream-to=disroot/spacedrive git push --force -u disroot mine


git push -u disroot local_branch:remote_branch does this not work?


Yes it does, thanks.

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