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Is there a way to forward emails to WeeChat? Maybe there is a plugin or something.


WeeChat is an IRC client, not an email client. How do you want to read emails with it?


I've seen there are bridges from email to matrix and from matrix to weechat. So maybe there is one from email to weechat as well.


Do you want to read and reply emails with weechat? Use weechat as an email client? This will be very hard, because weechat is an IRC client, not an email client. What can you do with the [matrix] plugin?

Do you just want to receive notifications on weechat? This is doable with a plugin.


I wouldn't want to use weechat the same as the email but I would like to get a notification or a copy of the received emails. Although as they are talking about messaging interoperability on europe I may not need this any longer.

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