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I like to use Ivona TTS engine on Android with Librera Pro. I didn't think it was possible to use it on linux, but now I've seen a package named jasper-tts-ivona and it's made me think it may be possible. How can I use Ivona to listen to a text file or an ebook? Is there an ereader that allows me to use the same files that I use in the phone for Ivona? I use Manjaro Cinnamon 21.2.2-220123-linux515.

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Is this the documentation that you're looking for? You need to follow the installation and configuration instructions (there are several TTS and STT engines to choose from), then you simply execute the script. I don't see any module for reading files included, so you'll probably have to write your own by following the API in the same documentation.

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There seems to be a way to run the engine on wine, but I have some obb files for the phone, I don't have the exe files, so it won't work for me.

# set the arch [IM]
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

# add the repos [IM]
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:wine/wine-builds
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethanak/milena

# update the deps [IM]
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y upgrade

# install main dependencies [IM]
sudo apt-get install -y --install-recommends winehq-devel
sudo apt-get install -y sapi4linux python-pyspda python-sapilektor libsapilektor-utils

# download the voices [IM]
# wget
# wget
# wget

# confirm wine prompts [IM]
bash /usr/lib/sapi4linux/

# replace "wine=.winesapi" with "wine=wine" without quotes [IM]
sudo nano /usr/lib/sapi4linux/

bash /usr/lib/sapi4linux/
tar -zxvf /home/ubuntu/ivona-ricardo.tar.gz

# install the voice unchecking the SAPI voice [IM]
wine /home/ubuntu/ivona/Ivona_Voice_1.6_Ricardo_22kHz.exe

# the dll that allows us to use it [IM]
# cp /home/ubuntu/ivona/crack_dll/ivona_sapi5_voice_v1.6.63.dll

# restart the server [IM]
bash ~/bin/sapi_server.shc

# list voices [IM]
sapiconfig -n

# save configs [IM]
sapiconfig -s

# do the trick [IM]
sapitest -v Ricardo "Instalação concluída"

Are you sure that this is required? I mean wine and downloading the .exe for the voice. If you really want to use Ivona, what I understand from the Jasper documentation is that you just have to configure your access key since all the synthesis is done online on the Amazon servers. This is what the documentation says: "Ivona TTS uses Amazon’s Ivona Speech Cloud service, which is used in the Kindle Fire. Speech synthesis is done online, so an active internet connection and Amazon has access to everything Jasper says to you."


With the phone application I can use the engine without internet connection so I guess it's a different version or something that doesn't synthesize the text in Amazon servers. Other than emulating an Android phone I don't know how to use the same files I use in the phone from linux. Jasper is an assistant not an ebook reader, so I don't know how to use it for reading ebooks even if I manage to configure it with the Ivona engine.

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