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So we have to make a simple Blog system in PHP as an activity. Firebase will be the DBMS because the teacher want us to work with JSON and Firebase itself.

I don't agree with the idea of using this propietary platform and also with making the app only compatible with that.

I was looking for an ORM or a full replacement for Firebase which is highly compatible with it so, I can make the software not dependent at all from Firebase.

Our teacher give us the freedom to choose the library we like to link the DB to the application.


You didn't say what framework you're using, or if it's vanilla PHP. Either way give a try to firebase-php (documentation) for a free client.
If you're looking at replacing the whole Firebase server with a local instance then I'm not aware of any 1:1 drop-in replacement with the same API, but you can find some alternatives searching for "open source BaaS".


Sorry for not specifying.

In the beginning, we are preparing ourselves to use Laravel framework but, by now, we are using raw PHP and my idea was a general library like ( I found it by investigating today ) but with support for Firebase too.

In this way, I could make the application also compatible with other supported DBMS and not just Firebase in a sense in which I fit teacher's requirements, and common and personal requirements in the Free Software community.


I see. Well, I don't know anything like it unfortunately.
Doctrine is an ORM for relational databases. Firebase (Firestore) is a document database, so you could have some luck researching ODM instead, if anything exists at all for Firebase.


To be exact I was not aware about the letters meaning at all.

Doctrine has several packages and one of them is an ODM, as you mentioned, to manage MongoDB as example.

Thank you for showing me the difference.

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