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I was given a link to a Nextcloud instance for downloading some files from. It's a public link, it does not require user/password. Because the files that I need to download are 100s of GB and it will take several hours to finish, I'd like to use the terminal instead of Firefox for downloading them such that I can resume the download if there are connection problems.
My problem is that I don't understand how to do this, or if it's possible at all. In the web UI I only see one button called "Download all files" that, when clicked, triggers a Firefox download. I don't see direct links to the files.


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If you use Mozilla Firefox, I recommend you the cliget addon which automatically generates CLI commands for downloads.

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Not the best workaround, but if you are already using Firefox (or similar fork), you can start the download in Firefox, cancel the download, and right-click on the entry in the Downloads pane and select "Copy Download Link" to get the direct url. Then you can do something like this in the terminal:

curl --output [filename.ext] -X GET [url]

(This is for the individual files, the "Download all files" link works with curl. I haven't tested it with other utilities, but it will probably work too.)

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