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Mom's phone is working but the USB-C port is not anymore. It won't charge, and it won't connect to my PC. It's got about 20% charge left so I'm trying to figure out a way to save her data before the battery drains completely. The phone does not have a removable SD card. How can I transfer data out of Android using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? Is there a free app from f-droid that I can use for this? I'm thinking of something like an SSH server (or HTTP, FTP).

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I've used SimpleSSHD in the past for this very reason, and F-Droid has several options if that doesn't work out.

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+1 the F-Droid list, and ConnectBot from that list.

If people don't mind SFTP, primitive ftpd also works nicely too. It works with both the internal and SD card (even though in OP's case the phone didn't have one) and has the option for anonymous or password access.

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An easy solution if you use KDE (or not!) is KDE Connect.

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You can use SyncThing to sync folders and files with multiple devices. Install it first on the PC then the Android App (f-droid is available). On the Android device create a sync folder with an existing folder and add the PC by scanning its ID QR Code.

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