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A website that I visit often, shows to me a paywall after the 5th time that I open the website. It uses cookies to "remember" how many times I've opened the website, and if I delete the website cookies then I can read it again.
With Firefox I have to click in order: Menu > Settings > Privacy > (search cookies section) > Manage data > (enter the name of the website) > Remove selected > Save > Confirm remove. Doable, but tedious.
Is there a single shortcut key for removing all the cookies of the current opened website?


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Is it valid for you to use the Web Developer tools for it?

With Shift+F9 you can open the "Storage" of the Web Developer tools in Firefox and there is a direct section for the cookies per site.

Then, you only do right mouse click on any cookie of a specified domain and choose the option to delete all of them or the one you want.

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I've selected this as best answer because it's the best solution that I can find as of today, even if it's not a direct short key.

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