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Overloaded with options, can someone help finding good resource for migrating my old thunderbird address book for use with mutt? I looked at abook, but I got lost and think I might need a walkthrough if I use that.

I need something like:

  • Either a blog post, a video walkthrough, or an existing code project
  • I don't need a GUI, so command line is just fine
  • nothing too obscure (so not even if the code runs in Objective-C or COBOL)
  • bonus if it can easily work with android k9mail

1 Answer

+2 votes

You should be able to import from abook like this:

First, open the Thunderbird address book, select the one you want to export, then click Tools > Export.... Looks like abook can parse CSV, vCard, and LDIF so either one should be OK.

Then open abook and click i (for import), and select the input format.

Ah, okay thanks. For me, for some reason the Thunderbird Address Book toolbar was hidden. So after I re-enabled it, I can see the Tools > Export option. I had been expecting I'd be able to select all addresses and then right click to export, but since it doesn't have that option in the context menu, I thought it didn't exist.
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