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Other unix/posix-like shells are fine too.

Alternately, what are the best practices for writing a usage function for bash? I typically try to get mine to look like something that python argparse would produce with ./script_name --help. In the past I've even mocked my bash script up in python.


usage function = help function?


Just curious but why use Bash then? :) Python is preinstalled in pretty much every distro except the most minimal.


Yes, I mean usage function as in a help function.

This question is mostly for existing code at my day job. I almost always encourage using python, otherwise. I've been thinking a few different things. Maybe there's a tool that works with getopts. I found this after I posted the question, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet:

Or maybe there exists a tool I could get non-programmers to write them in, maybe I could use that, or use pandoc after that to generate the usage prompt and put that in a function.

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