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Is it possible to export an SVG directly to ICO using Inkscape? I have an SVG file that I would like to export as ICO for using as favicon, but it looks like Inkscape only allows me to export to PNG.


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As far as I'm aware, it's not currently possible from Inkscape.

$ inkscape --export-type=ico input.svg
InkFileExportCmd::do_export: Unknown export type: ico. Allowed values: [.dxf, .emf, .eps, .fxg, .gpl, .hpgl, .html, .jpg, .odg, .pdf, .png, .pov, .ps, .sif, .svg, .svgz, .tar, .tex, .tiff, .webp, .wmf, .xaml, .xcf, .zip]

If you just need to get an .ico file, maybe try exporting from GIMP.

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